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South Coast
What to do in South Coast?

Hua Thanon:

A 10 minute drive south of Lamai is the home of the Muslim fishing community with a daily fresh seafood market and dozens of colorful longtail-boats. The Samui Aquarium and the Butterfly Garden are located close by.

Luxurious boutique resorts on the tranquil beaches of Laem Set, Bang Kao and the hillsides offer scenic views to the nearby islands of Koh Tan and Koh Matsum with the mainland at the horizon. There is no nightlife but all for a relaxing and quiet holiday.

Laem Set:
Laem Set is found right down on the south coast of Koh Samui, the sea is too shallow for swimming. However, the huge smooth boulders on the beach and the coconut palms leaning over at impossible angles make it look spectacular. It's one of the more relaxing areas of Koh Samui with a void of nightlife and shops. You'll have to drive 20 minutes to Lamai or 40 minutes to Chaweng if you want the up scale amenities you may be used to.

Laem Set has a few high end hotels and boutique resort and spas first class dining and dedicated spas. It's in easy reach of waterfalls and is really a nature, and animal, lover's dream escape. The beach is soft sand, and a great place for afternoon cocktails. Laem Set is as of yet under developed and quiet. At the rate of development on Samui reaching shockingly high levels, it's worth visiting now before the magic is lost.

Laem Sor & Bang Kao:
The south coast of Koh Samui consists of some smaller beaches with breathtaking views to the islands dotted at the horizon. A famous landmark is the Laem Sor Chedi sitting at the rocky water edge. Bang Kao is still rather undeveloped; the beaches are rocky and not suitable for swimming.

However this area has its own natural beauty and offers a perfect hideaway for a peaceful holiday. The nightlife and shopping area of Lamai can be reached within 15 minutes.

Thong Tanote:
Thong Tanote Beach, a secluded beach on the south coast of Koh Samui, offering breathtaking scenery of the Gulf of Thailand. You have an amazing view of Koh Tan & Mutsum Islands.

We encourage our guests to take advantage of the amazing and immediate snorkeling and diving exploration available on these islands. The south coast is very relaxing and there is no shopping or nightlife nearby though it is only a 20 min. drive to Lamai or 30min to Chaweng.

What to see

1. Samui Butterfly Garden
Besides observing at close range some of the region's most beautiful butterflies, you can witness the breeding cycle of some species that are raised on the spot. Also featured are insects, moths and a bee house.
Located : at the southern coast near Hua Thanon
Open : Daily 9am - 6pm. Tel.: 077424020

2. The Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
A spectacular collection of tropical fish and innumerable other colorful aquatic creatures, such as turtles and a lot of other beautiful sea life, which you personally can hand feed. The tanks also house many varieties of rocks, multi colored coral to create natural surroundings. There is also a Tiger Zoo with Royal Bengal Tigers and young Leopards and a large avery of exotic birds.
Located : at the Samui Orchid Resort at Ban Harn beach (Hua Thanon)
Open : Daily 9am - 5pm. Tel.: 077424017

3. Wat Sumret
This relatively old temple houses a marble Buddha image brought from Burma and many other old Buddha images. One building contains many different Buddha images. One is in the reclining position and the tallest, which stands three meters, was transported all the way from India.
Located : 800 meters West of Hua Thanon on the 4169 ring-road.

4. Masjid Nurulihsan
Located : Hua Thanon

5. Ancient House
A house made of teakwood without any nails at Ban Thale is the oldest house on the island. It was built approximately 150 years ago, is constructed of teak planks and shows off many beautiful woodcarvings. woodcarvings.
Located : South coast of samui

6. Laem Sor Pagoda
In the grounds of Wat Laem Sor, this ornately designed Chedi (Pagoda) sits at the rocky water's edge. Covered in countless small yellow tiles, it appears golden when viewed from a short distance. It's at the far South of the island off the 4170 road between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka. Follow the track with a sign that reads "Waikiki Bungalows", and It's at the end of that.
Located : Thong Krut

7. Khao Chedi
Also in the Wat Laem Sor grounds, but a fair distance away lies the Khao (mountain) Chedi. Until a few months ago, this ruined monument had been forgotten about for many years. Now, the overgrown path leading to the chedi has been cleared and there's easy access. About 300 meters West of the Laem Sor Chedi there is a hill. At the base of the hill a small hut can be seen, and 100 meters to the right of this dwelling, the path is visible. It leads to a stairway which takes about 10 minutes to climb. At the top, the peaceful ruins of the Khao Chedi greet the intrepid explorer. The panorama of Laem Sor Bay and the nearby islands from here is breathtaking.
Located :
Thong Krut, 300 meters West of the Laem Sor Chedi

8. Buddha Footprint
There are actually four foot-prints here, superimposed one on another. Each one is artistically en-graved. They are housed in a modest shrine 150 steps up a steep hill, which also offers a great view across the plains to the mountains opposite, and to the sea over the tree tops. Buddha's Footprint is not signposted but can be found by going up a concrete slope on the left.
Located : two kilometers West of the turnoff for the Butterfly Garden on the 4170 road

9. Coral Buddha
Formerly one of Samui's main attractions, this small, dilapidated statue is now only visited by Buddhist devotees. Although it is in a state of disrepair, the Coral Buddha is still revered and is a place of worship for the monks from nearby Wat Sumret. The only direction sign is a small tatty board parallel to the road which is easy to miss when driving past.
Located : on the 4169 ring-road approximately 800 meters West of Hua Thanon.

10. Namuang Waterfall
There are 2 waterfalls. Na Muang one is 18 meter high and can be reached by vehicle. Na Muang two is about 80 meters high and can only be reached by a 30 minute walk. The waterfalls are the most scenic on the island
Located : 10 km south from Nathon at Ban Thurian

11. Wat Kiri Wongkaram
The mummified body of the Buddhist monk Loung Por Ruam can be viewed here in a glass case. He was placed in it upon his death 25 years ago and his body is still in remarkably good condition. The temple can be located by following the 4170 road South from Ban Saket and then turning right between tow giant elephant statues. It is a further kilometer along this road on the right hand side.
Located : 4170 road South from Ban Saket.

Thing to do

1. Kite Boarding Asia
Professional Kiteboarding Instructions and equipment sales.
Located : Samui Orchid Resort, Ban Harn, Hua Thanon.
Open : Daily, Tel.: 0815914592/3/4

2.Samui Dojo
Gasshuku, Shotokan, Wado Ryu, Jujitsu, Judo, Kokushinko, Aikido and more. Courses in self defense.
Located : near Hua Thanon.
Open : Daily 12am to 12pm, Tel.: 0819680359

3. Namuang Jungle Trip
Elephant trekking - 30 min. & 1 hour.
Located :
Namuang Waterfall 2.
Open : at Namuang Waterfall 2. Open daily 9am - 5pm.

4. Namuang Safari Park - Chongkhow ATV Natural Track
Elephant Trekking, snake - bird and crocodile show.
Located : At Namuang Waterfall 2.
Open : Tel.: 077424098

5. Baan Chang Elephant Camp
Located : opposite Wat Khunaram.

6. Samui Namuang ATV Park + Paintball & BB
Located : opposite Wat Khunaram.
Open : 9am - 6pm. Tel. ATV 077424729; PB 0878866427

7. Day trip to Koh Tan
Koh Tan, or "Koh Katen", as it is sometimes known, offers a long sandy beach and good oral off the eastern and southern coasts. It is surrounded by four other little islands that also await exploration. If you get tired of sunbathing, diving and snorkeling, there's always hiking, fishing, bat caves and just plain sight-seeing
Located : Koh Tan just 2km. from the southern end of Koh Samui,


1. Hua Thanon Fresh Market
Located : Hau Thanon
Open : Daily

2. Rum Distillery
Agricultural Rum on Samui
Located : Tong Krut, South of Samui.
Open : Daily. Tel: 0 862 826 230, 0 7741 9023


1.T.K. Restaurant
Located : Thong Krut
Style : International & Thai Food
Open : 09:00am to 09:00pm. Tel: 0 7733 4052-3, 0 817 878 373, 0819 702 669, 0 818 951 178

2. Baan Lamom
The best place for European and traditional Thai cuisine
Located : on a sweeping bend of Road 4170, Hua Thanon
Style : Thai Food
Open : Daily. Tel: 0 7723 3146, 0 813 962 487

3. Fisherman Outlet Restaurant
Located : Hua Thanon
Style : Thai Food
Open : Daily.

4. Ban Hua Thanon Seafood
Located : Samui Ring Road, Hua Thanon
Style : Thai Food
Open : Daily. Tel : 0 7741 8355

Health & Beauty

1.Yoga Thailand Retreat Center
Located: Namuang, Koh Samui, Thailand.
Open: 8am - 9pm. Tel: 0 7792 0090-1, 0 894 991 861

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South Coast Recommended

Laem Sor Chedi
Type : attraction
Location : Thong Krut

Wat Khao Chedi
Type : Temple
Located : Thong Krut

Buddha Footprint
Type : Attraction
Located : south of Samui

Coral Buddha
Type : Atrraction
Located : West of Hua Thanon.

Samui Butterfly Garden
Type : Atrraction
Located : South of Samui

The Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
Type : Attraction
Located : Ban Harn beach

Wat Kiri Wongkaram
Type : Temple
Located : Ban Saket.

Namuang Safari Park
Type : Atrraction
Located : Namuang

Namuang Jungle Trip
Type : Tour and Activities
Located : Namuang

Samui Namuang ATV Park
Type : Sport & Activities
Located : Namuang

Yoga Thailand Retreat Center
Type : Health & Beauty
Located : Namuang

Namuang Waterfall
Type : Atrraction
Located : Namuang

Wat Sumret
Type : Temple
Location : Hua Thanon

Ancient House
Type : Ancient House
Located : Hua Thanon

Kite Boarding Asia
Type : Sport & Activities
Located : Hua Thanon

Samui Dojo
Type : Sport
Located : Hua Thanon

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